Discover Your Greatness

The great in you, yes everybody was born great. The reason I started this blog is because in the past few years, I discovered a lot about human beings. I’m not saying that I discovered secrets that you don’t know, I’m sure that it is something you know about, you might have discovered it, or you are in the discovery process, or you are busy in life paying the bills, raising a family and don’t have time to discover what is great about you.

There are people who are living their greatness, you can read about them in the news, watch them on TV, or know them personally. They are just successful individuals who are enjoying their life, and already built a legacy for themselves, and there are others who are busy sleep walking through life, didn’t have time to discover what they are great at.  They just kept doing what people expected them to do, swallowed what people defined greatness to them, and made sure everybody around them is happy.

Greatness is the talents, the skills, the ideas that you brought to the universe that makes you great. You can be an artist, musician, lawyer, accountant, athlete, whatever you want to be, but there is something that makes you special, something you won’t feel tired doing, something that doesn’t make you sleep because you want to grow at it, it is something that is connected to your heart, it is part of your DNA, it is who you are.

What I learned that, we as human beings, we have unlimited resources we have a multi billion dollar minds, which can be generated by our creativity. We can do whatever our thoughts can imagine. We are unique by our dreams and vision, as we can see that most things around us, was someone’s dreams and vision.

In the last 3 years I had different job titles, I was a marketer, labor, sales person, analyst and an accountant. I’m an Egyptian immigrant who lives in Canada, the main motivation of where I am, is because people kept telling me you can’t do it. Some people told me you don’t have the experience, you don’t have a Canadian degree, I just ignored them and achieved whatever I thought about.

Throughout each job, I always felt there is something missing. I always felt that I’m not reaching my full potential, I wanted to do more, achieve more, but I always felt that my achievements are growing someone’s vision and not my own vision.

The good thing is that from each job I assumed, I learned something different, I discovered a new skill in me. The sales job made me a better networker, the marketing job made me understand markets and values, the analyst job taught me how to analyze returns on investments, perform budgeting and forecast, the accounting job made me learn about cash flow and become more financially educated. I made sure that these skills are reflected on my personal life, I decided that the skills I will learn will increase my personal value, so I can apply it on my own vision.

Changing too many titles is a high risk, because employers will always feel that you are not taking your career seriously, but I took the risk and it wasn’t that bad, I actually discovered unknown heavens in every risk I took. It also made me discover what I’m great at, What skills that I should work on that will make me special, and what tasks that are just not connected to my personality.

It is always better to focus on what you will get from the job, and what skills you will learn that will make you better and a more valuable person, and not what you will provide to the workplace. I’m not saying that you should become a selfish person, but what I’m saying is at the end it is not your business, if the business is in financial distress, they will give you a good bye letter and good luck with your life!

Learn different skills, and maximize your potential, don’t just focus on one or two skills because the more skills you have, the more valuable you are in the market. Remember if there is no opportunity, a creative man with skills can create an opportunity.

We can have unlimited skills, we can provide value to the universe, we have powerful imagination, we make inventions, arts, businesses, we are simply the greatest creatures on earth. We are great, we are human, discover your greatness.


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