The Lonely Road or The Average Road?

The masses are average, and Social acceptance is the reason why most people are afraid to do something different or come up with non traditional ideas, fearing that they might be judged or criticized by people around them.

“The wealthiest place in the planet is the cemetery” – Les Brown

Most people have ideas, dreams and talents that get buried with them. It is not because they were not capable pursuing their dreams, but because they couldn’t see themselves walk their journey alone and handle the rejections from the majority.

The average road is to achieve social acceptance, and social acceptance is what creates the fear in society. That’s why there are few public speakers, few self employed, few professional athletes, few unique people.

The key word is social acceptance, you don’t need to earn people’s approval to live the only life you have! You will actually hurt your self esteem doing things you don’t like just to become accepted to the people you love.

Take control of your life even if it will make you walk alone for a while. Success is a lonely journey, and in a journey where you write your own story because you decided to pursue your dreams even if it was non traditional to others, you will pursue greatness and the people who were once criticizing you, will try to rub shoulders with you.



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