The Gap Between Knowledge & Application

The Gap

It is amazing how knowledge is available everywhere, we have books about success, financial management, weight management, body building, relationships, careers, you can find books about anything, and yet we find that many people spend the majority of their life trying to change and some of them really don’t change.

The reason behind that, is the gap between knowledge and application. I will use weight loss goal as an example. We all know that if we workout we will be in a better shape, it is not a secret. but there are lots of people in 2017 are still searching for ways to lose weight and get into shape.

Why there is a gap?

People like to achieve goals based on their convenience, they want to stay in their comfort zone and see change. That’s why you see all these diet commercials & workout equipment that make huge revenue although they are not effective as real workouts.

Also some people get bored easily and throw the towel so fast, if they didn’t see changes the first month, they decide that it’s not for them, and then they try something else and then they trey something else.

How to reduce this gap?

Workout is not for me and not for you, we all love to stay in our comfort zone but to reduce the gap between knowledge and application, the focus should be on the results and not the process. The process might look so long and rainy but if the results are for you then put action and go for it.


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