The golden principle that will make people enjoy your company

People who build strong relationships are usually happier than others. It is vital for us to keep building relationships, that’s why we are one or two relationships away that can totally change our life! Here is a principle that will make people enjoy your company.

Become genuinely interested in other people – Dale Carnegie

People like to be around someone who gives them an ear, because we all like to talk about ourselves, we all like to chat about success, failures, accomplishments and struggles. As human we love to be praised and complemented, so If you genuninely compliment and if you focus in making most of the conversation about them, they will feel important and valuable, they will enjoy talking to you, and most probably they will feel that you also talk too much, although they did most of the talk.

How can you be interested in someone who don’t anything to be interested about?

The answer is, we are not perfect, we all have flaws, but everyone has something unique or an interesting story, it could be work ethic, looks, style, communication, humour, accent, music taste, bling bling, whatever!

As I mentioned we all have something unique! so the challenge is whenever you meet someone for the first time, try to look for what they are unique or special in, try to ask questions that will make them talk more about themselves, ask questions that will make them feel proud, this it will uplift their self esteem and their self image.

We all love to be around people who are uplifting, so if you want to build strong relationships, and connect with people, become genuinely interested in others.

Source: Dale Carniegie – How to win friends and influence people.


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